SEC Financial
Reporting and Support

Accounting Support for Public Companies

Who We Are

Our Typical Clients

  • Seek an efficient solution to financial reporting requirements
  • Have complex accounting issues
  • Want to focus resources on building the business

How We're Different

  • SEC reporting is all we do
  • We don't prepare taxes
  • We only have one job


Our Services

Are We a Good Fit?

Our typical clients are public or pre-public companies with limited resources. They want to focus resources on building the business, not on external filing. They often use QuickBooks or similar accounting software.

How it Works

The client company does transaction accounting: AP, AR, payroll and bank reconciliations. At period end the company provides us with a trial balance, any new contracts, options, warrants, and other support documents. We take it from there:
  • Account reconciliations
  • Adjusting entries
  • Financial statements in Excel
  • Draft 10-Q / 10-K in Word
  • Work with auditors to facilitate their audit / review

Finalizing & Filing

When document is final or near final:
  • EDGARize the document
  • Create XBRL files
  • Circulate for review
  • File to the SEC


Our affiliate FederalFilings, offers a start-to-finish solution for EDGAR and XBRL processing.

How You Benefit

Accounting and EDGAR under one roof generates substantial efficiencies and cost savings.

Contact Us

IncFIN LLC, 2407 S. Congress Avenue, Suite E-119, Austin, TX 78704